Resources for Improving Your Practice

To assist you in improving your teaching and developing a stronger educational practice, we offer the following resources:


Expecting Excellence In Urban Schools: 7 Steps To An Engaging Practice (Corwin Press, 2013)

One of the most immediate challenges in K – 12 schools lies in implementing powerful pedagogy which emotionally, intellectually, and behaviorally engages students. The challenge is compounded in urban schools where higher proportions of underprepared minority students are in classrooms with teachers who often find it difficult to not only create bonds but also in packaging pedagogy in relevant, interesting, and meaningful ways. Though many teachers can temporarily tap students’ interests or episodically engage students in a portion of a lesson, the ability to create and sustain an engaging educational practice remains largely elusive.

This book supplies the missing threads through establishing a framework for student engagement, which has been cited as the number one factor impacting achievement. It is an easy read, written a highly conversational tone with a strong research basis. You will explore a 7 step process is for emotionally, intellectually, and behaviorally engaging students with a wealth of specific strategies, techniques, and tools which create an engaging educational experience. Utilizing cornerstones of professional learning communities, suggestions are offered for utilizing action research, collaborative inquiry, journal study, and shared practice to integrate ideas into practice.


Bolt from boredom to STARDOM: How to create and keep them engaged (Audio CD)

Discover how you can take any activity or lesson and transform it into an engaging educational experience. You will receive a plethora of strategies tools and techniques for minimizing elements which suck the life right out of good teaching: apathy, disinterest, and boredom.

With this audio cd, you’ll be able to:

  • Breathe life into ANY lesson gone lifeless
  • Collect invaluable elements of engagement about your students
  • Situate students in positions of success
  • Model thinking skills to enhance understanding
  • Break learning objectives into incremental smaller ones which are more winnable
  • Intersect their experience with your content
  • Deliver dull content in highly relevant, interesting, and meaningful ways
  • Present with passion
  • Continuously improve your practice