Rave reviews

Client Testimonials

“Dr. Jabari and his staff provide the highest level of professional development for education practitioners!”

Paul Liabenow, Executive Director, Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association

“Excellent common core pd delivered to our entire elementary and middle school staff!”

Kelley Williams, Assistant Superintendent, Pontiac School District

“Powerful, great presentation! You gave us tools for bringing more rigor to our school!”

Dr. Otis C. Taylor, Principal, Chicago Public Schools

“Great, beneficial session…I wish this could be provided to my entire School District!!”

Vickie Cooper, Lubbock (Texas) ISD

“You were great! I learned so much ……it will change the lives of my students!!!”

Alesia Smith, Chicago Public Schools

“Your presentation was awesome!!”

Shannon Shockley, Assistant Principal, Chicago Public Schools

“Your presentation was energetic, interactive, and very relevant for our students!!!”

Mrs. Karen Hudson, Principal, Halifax (Nova Scotia) Regional School Board

Staff raved about you! You provided excellent tools and are now part of our team!!

Mr. Jeff Dase, Principal, Chicago Public Schools

You gave our teachers many ideas to help in the classroom and a clearer understanding of Differentiated Instruction. Fantastic!!”

Mrs. Dwana Brown, Principal, Detroit Public Schools

“Great workshop series…Awesome job!”

Mrs. Patricia Murray, Principal, Detroit Public Schools

“Thank you for the information and exciting workshop!!!”

Mr. Kevin Conway, Teacher, Kansas City Public Schools

"I was super-duper motivated! When it ended, I was thinking, is it over already?

Teacher participant, Fort Wayne (Indiana)

"Your pd was GREAT…you provided specific, relevant strategies for my staff!

Mrs. Cheryl White, Principal, Lions Alternative Academy, Detroit Public Schools

"You Kept them Engaged in an After School PD!”

Ms. Adrima Caesar, Principal, Keidan Special Education Center

"Phenomenal….We are definitely bringing you back!”

Ms. Cleo Moody, Principal, Vernor Elementary

"Rigorous pedagogy, engaging delivery!"

Dr. Jeffrey D. Robinson, Principal, Paul-Robeson/Malcolm X @Hally, January

"This was the best professional development I have attended in my 12 years of teaching!”

Dawn Grant, Teacher, Trix Elementary Middle School

The presentation was powerful, thorough and valuable. The information provided was  user friendly, easy-to-read/decipher, and straightforward. Teachers were extremely pleased .It was a wonderful presentation!

Mr. Ricky Fountain, Principal, Great Oaks Academy.

"Excellent, Excellent!!!”

Jesse Douglas, AVID/College Board District Coordinator, Baltimore County Public Schools