Keynotes & Workshops

Keynote Topics

  • 7 Steps to an Engaging Educational Practice
  • The Currency of Idea Exchange: Four D’s of Classroom Discourse
  • How to Utilize Assessment as a Powerful Tool of Instruction
  • How to Enhance the Rigor in the Teaching and Learning Processes
  • Four C’s of Highly Effective Parenting Practices

Our keynote sessions:

  • Involve audience interaction
  • Are tailored around the unique needs of each client
  • Are motivating and inspiring
  • Consist of actionable steps and practical suggestions for implementing and sustaining principles

Professional Learning Workshops:

  • Planning, Preparing, And Presenting Highly Engaging Instruction
  • 4 D’s Of Engaging Classroom Discourse
  • Effective Instruction For Mastery Of Common Core State Standards
  • Achieving Instructional Excellence Through The Use Of Formative Assessment
  • Enhancing The Academic Rigor In Your Teaching And Learning Processes

Your learning community will receive professional learning sessions which are characterized as the following:

  • Highly interactive
  • Collaborative
  • Custom-crafted around your unique needs
  • Engaging
  • Actionable.  Versus theory laden talks, participants leave with tools, techniques, and strategies which can be readily applied to practice.

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